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OTT Advertising

What is OTT Advertising?

OTT stands for “over-the-top” advertising. It is a type of digital advertising that is delivered “over-the-top” of traditional media, such as TV. OTT is distributed via internet and is tailored to suit different streaming services or platforms.  It is available in short-format length, :15, :30, :60 and can include interactive content and video, such as a QR code onscreen that when scanned, brings users directly to your landing page. OTT marketing allows advertisers to target viewers across a multitude of demographic and psychographic segments resulting in a very targeted campaign that is not available through traditional advertising.


Why Should I Consider OTT?

OTT advertising is a new way to reach your target audience effectively.  By leveraging data to inform audience targeting and creative strategies, OTT can help you reach viewers of streaming platforms who precisely match your core audience. This results in a targeted campaign more likely to inspire action and maximize results.


OTT campaigns can measure live performance from data analytics dashboards throughout the duration of the campaign.  Campaign dashboards deliver detailed insights that provide a better understanding of user behavior and inform optimization as the campaign progresses.


For advertisers seeking out niche audiences, OTT provides the tools to identify and efficiently reach your core viewer.  OTT is the only advertising platform with the ability to measure and optimize in real-time, so you can measure and reach your KPI’s effectively. 


How Do I Get Started?

Newton Media’s team can help guide you in determining if your campaign is right for OTT. Reach out to your account manager and ask to talk about OTT.

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