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Stewardship: Our objective is to provide unparalleled client service and measurable positive results by staying focused on stewardship and accountability.

Relationships: Since 1995, our media buyers have been building long-term relationships
with key me
dia representatives. 

Integrity: We believe integrity and trust are non-negotiable values, we treat our clients and their finances with attention, care and respect

Analytics: Newton Media is committed to helping you reach your target audience efficiently and effectively. We use industry-leading viewership data to guide our planning and daily results analysis to optimize media buys and maximize ROI. 

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Welcome to the Digital Age, With Connected TV Advertising

Reach your target audience where they are, with OTT Advertising

What is OTT?

OTT stands for "Over-The-Top." It is a type of digital advertising that is delivered "over-the-top" of traditional media. It is distributed via internet and is tailored to suit different streaming services or platforms. 

OTT marketing allows advertisers to target viewers across a multitude of demographic, psychographic and consumer behavior segments. This results in a very targeted campaign that is not available through traditional TV advertising. 

This platform provides the tools to identify and effectively reach your core viewer. Newton Media is able to measure and optimize in real-time, resulting in efficient and highly targeted campaigns. 

What is CTV?

Connected TV (CTV) is any device that is capable of streaming digital video. Including Smart TV's, and TV's that use a device to facilitate the delivery of streaming video. 

With the rise of CTV, more viewers are watching TV through streaming services. 


As more viewers transition to digital streaming, OTT advertising offers sophisticated targeting capabilities to find your audience. 

Data Processing


Generate Impact

We use our industry knowledge, experience and connections to develop a media plan that reaches your target audience.

Better Media Buys

More efficient media buys means  your advertising dollars work harder for you.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage the power of data to make better informed decisions for your media campaigns. 

Meet Your Customers Online

Advertise where your target audience is streaming with OTT advertising. 

Expand Reach

Explore unique audiences and access brand inventory with CTV advertising options. 

Your Proprietary Data

Privacy is important. That's why your proprietary data remains your private property. 

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Newton Media's team can help guide you in planning the best media strategy to meet your goals. Reach out to our media specialists today. 

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